note from the founders:

at WONDRY® we believe great-tasting wine should be enjoyed by all. but far too often, curious wine consumers are met by a stifling sense of pretentiousness. intimidated & at times overlooked, many feel excluded from the premium wine experience - an unfortunately common problem a thinker & a dreamer designed WONDRY® to solve.

we reject exclusivity – #allwinoswelcomed from starter to sommelier. sip different® with a more approachable, stronger, semi-sweet wine… fruit-forward, aromatic & balanced beautifully. aged in small batches, tastefully crafted for any occasion - discover a more satisfying wine experience with WONDRY®.


with every purchase we’ll make a donation to under-represented entrepreneurs as we help bring our communities one step closer to unity & inclusion.

we appreciate your support - cheers!

whitney & chaz

what we are

a fruit-infused wine & sangria collection with heightened alcohol content. our fruit-forward, semi-sweet wines infuse organic berry, citrus & exotic fruit extracts for a succulently smooth & juicy finish

who we serve

the #sophistifun:
you balance book & street smarts with a refined palette that favors flavor. you’re not afraid to stray the adventurous way, but only if it ends in fun

what we promise